Winners of Clunes Ceramic Award Exhibition

The 2017 winner of the prestigious Clunes Ceramic Award is Vanessa Lucas with her work Pearl Jugs. Vanessa will receive prize money of $10,000 and her work will be acquired by the Art Gallery Ballarat for their permanent collection.

Award judge Amanda Dunsmore, (NGV curator), in referring to the winning piece said, “For me this work has enormous integrity. It exhibits a quiet poise and sophistication. The works are beautifully executed in slip-cast porcelain, the walls of the jugs remain fine from the top to the bottom and when viewed in the sunlight have a soft translucency. The handles are the right size and thickness for each different sized jug and, importantly each jug pours well. The glaze on the jugs has a soft, subtleness to it, which, for me, marries beautifully with the rounded slightly anthropomorphic forms. The forms have humanity about them – you can tell that they are handmade. There’s subtleness to their forms, warmth and an endearing character, the way they cluster around each other, like a gaggle of geese having a mother’s meeting. It’s the combination of their fine crafting, the choice of surface treatment by the artist. The attention to detail and their sophisticated melding of sculptural and functional forms which all ultimately contribute to a highly resolved concept and a work that exhibits a great deal of integrity.”

Photos of all award winners and finalists are available at

Winner $10,000: Vanessa Lucas, Pearl Jugs
Commendation Award: Cathy Franzi, Volcanic Plains, Flax Lily with Orchid
Recognition Awards: Mollie Bosworth - Fragmentation, Diana Williams - The Bearer, Phillipa A Taylor - Weave Bowl
People's Choice Award: Vipoo Srivalasa, Hmi Buddha (Bear Blossom)

Guest Judge: Amanda Dunsmore, Senior Curator International Decorative Arts & Antiquities, National Gallery of Victoria.

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The Clunes Ceramic Award is an initiative of Creative Clunes Inc. and is in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum.

The winning artist's work attracts the total prize money of $10,000. This is an acquisitive prize.  In 2017, the work will be acquired by the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

The People's Choice Award is $2,500. Recognition Awards are presented at the discretion of the judging panel.

The Clunes Ceramic Award is a biennial event and was first held in 2009. The success of the first, and following, Award has ensured that The Clunes Ceramic Award will continue to develop as a respected and highly prized Regional Arts Event in the Australian state of Victoria.