Clunes Booktown Festival: Doug Lang

Sunday 30 April 2017

As part of the Clunes Landcare and Waterways area this year, we are hosting a series of author talks relating to the land.

One such guest will be Doug Lang, speaking in the Landcare area on Sunday at 11am

Doug is a farmer near Colac who went about de-stocking to revegetate his farm. His project has been a magnificent success, with the Federal Government chipping in a huge $60,000 to help.

Doug started this revegetation program to help with his depression, as he had lost his passion to live. But this program and working with Mother Nature got him back on his feet with a new zest for life.

Four years ago he lost one of his gorgeous twin daughters to a brain tumour, which devastated his family. As a way of coping with this tragedy, Doug decided to finish writing a book he had started a few years before to help him refocus and cope with the grief.

His book, The Nature of Survival is about just that: surviving. Working along side Mother Nature has helped Doug so much as he found her the greatest counsellor of all.

For more information on Doug, his book and his revegetation project, visit