Ilka Tampke - Skin (Text)

Sunday 15 March 2015
36 Fraser Street, Clunes Victoria 3370

Sunday Selections Author Talk with Ilka Tampke - Skin (Text) 

A Free Event

2-3pm @ The Warehouse


Skin is the thrilling and captivating story about a young woman’s rise to power in Iron-Age Britain on the eve of the Roman invasion. This is a rousing novel about the collision of two societies, the making of a female leader, and the choices—both romantic and political—Ailia has to make amidst the storm-cloud of the Roman advance.

Ilka Tampke has undertaken incredible research and as a result, Skin is historically accurate in its depictions of the arrival of the modern world, and of what happens when an imperial culture imposes its power and crushes an ancient belief system. 
Review – by Lily Mason
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Lily Mason is a yoga teacher, historian, works in the Booktown office and grew up not far from 23 AD in the UK before moving to Australia to party like it was 1999.