Klaus Neumann - Across the Seas: Australia’s Response to Refugees: A History (BlackInc)

Sunday 25 October 2015
36 Fraser Street, Clunes Victoria 3370


Many of you are aware that Klaus Neumann was also booked to come and be a part of this discussion. Unfortunately, Klaus will be in Europe and was unable to arrange to return in time. However, I still wanted to share some information about Klaus and his book, for those who are keen to discover another great writer writing about this topic.

Klaus Neumann - Across the Seas: Australia’s Response to Refugees: A History

Across The Seas:  Australia's Response to Refugees:  A History

Klaus Neumann is a historian based at Swinburne University’s Institute for Social Research. His 2006 book In the Interest of National Security won the John and Patricia Ward History Prize. His Refuge Australia: Australia’s Humanitarian Record (2004) won the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2004 Human Rights Award for Non-Fiction. 

In this eloquent and informative new book, historian Klaus Neumann examines both government policy and public attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers since Federation. He places the Australian story in the context of global refugee movements, and international responses to them. 

Arnold Zable called it, “a riveting book, vast in scope and timely.”